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Book Cover of Software Creativity 2.0 by Robert L. Glass
Software Creativity 2.0

Contributors to Software Creativity 2.0

Besides of course author Robert L. Glass, the following people contributed to the project.

Tom DeMarco

Guest Foreword

Tom DeMarco is a Principal of the Atlantic Systems Guild, and a Fellow of the Cutter Consortium. He was the winner of the 1986 Warnier Prize for "lifetime contribution to the field of computing," and the 1999 Stevens Award for "contribution to the methods of software development." He has a BSEE degree from Cornell University, an M.S. from Columbia University and a diplome from the University of Paris at the Sorbonne. He is a member of the ACM and a Fellow of the IEEE. He makes his home in Camden, Maine. Tom is the author of several books, including Peopleware, Waltzing With Bears, The Deadline: A Novel About Project Management, and Slack.

Dwayne Phillips

Author of Chapter 9.3, "A Peculiar Project"

Dwayne Phillips has worked as a software and systems engineer with the US government since 1980. He helps people manage software projects and has found that simple metrics do help project managers know where they are and where to shift resources in projects. He has written The Software Project Manager's Handbook: Principles that Work at Work and It Sounded Good When We Started: A Project Manager's Guide to Working with People on Projects. Dwayne has a Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering from Louisiana State University.

Iris Vessey, Researcher, Educator, Author, Consultant

Co-Author of Chapter 6.1

Iris Vessey is recognized for her research on the evaluation of emerging information technologies from both cognitive and analytical perspectives. Much of her research has used qualitative research methods to assess the efficacy of new technologies. A major contribution in this area is her theory of cognitive fit—the matching of solution approaches to the problem at hand. Iris has authored more than 50 refereed journal articles, as well as over 25 book chapters, award- winning teaching cases, and conference papers. In 1998 Iris was ranked tenth in the world in information systems research productivity. Based on her superb research and professional service, Iris received the AIS fellow award in 1999, which was established that same year by the Council of the Association for Information Systems and the Executive Committee of the International Conference on Information Systems.

Giles Hoover, Osprey Design

Exterior and Ineterior Book Design

Giles Hoover worked in small-business and corporate graphic design for nearly fifteen years before discovering book design. Reknowned for breaking moving men with his book collection, he jumped into book design freelance—and hasn’t looked back. His book design weblog, Foreword, is currently visited by more than 5,000 readers daily, and his passion for books and book design continues unabated. Mr. Hoover is studying photography and, together with four cats, slowly refurbishing an old house in Macon, Georgia.

Woody Compton, Artist

Drawing of Robert L. Glass

Woody Compton is a cartoonist who likes to play drums and ride motorcycles. He lives near Gainesville, Florida and keeps odd hours. He is supported by his wife, 4 pet rats, and now a black cat. Woody draws all of the art for the comic strip Is This Tomorrow?.

Software Creativity 2.0
by Robert L. Glass

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