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Book Cover of Software Conflict 2.0: The Art and Science of Software Engineering

Contributors to Software Conflict 2.0

Besides of course author Robert L. Glass, the following people contributed to the project.

Andrew Hunt, The Pragmatic Programmers, LLC

Guest Foreword (Second Edition)

Andy Hunt is co-founder of The Pragmatic Programmers, LLC, and is well known as a programmer, author, and publisher. He is a founder of the Agile Alliance, and is keenly interested in developing great software and helping others do the same. Andy and co-author Dave Thomas have created Pragmatic Programming, an approach to software development that cuts through prevailing dogma and gets to the heart of what works—for developers, for users, for management, and for investors. His email signature, "/\ndy", dates back to the paleolithic days of uucp and ihnp4.

Donald J. Reifer, Reifer Consultants Incorporated

Guest Foreword (First Edition)

Donald J. Reifer is one of the leading figures in the field of software engineering and management with over 30 years of progressive experience in both industry and government. Currently, as President of RCI, Mr. Reifer supports executives in many Fortune 500 firms who are looking to develop investment strategies and improve their software capabilities and capacity. Mr. Reifer was awarded the Secretary of Defense's Medal for Outstanding Public Service in 1995 for the innovations he brought to the DoD during his assignment. In 2002, Mr. Reifer was presented the AIAA Software Engineering award for accomplishments in the field.

Nicholas Zvegintzov, Software Management Network

Guest Essay, "The Real Secrets of Consulting"

Nicholas Zvegintzov is an internationally known expert on the management of existing software systems, including testing, documentation, adaptation, functional modification, and re-engineering. He was founder and Editor-in-Chief of the newsletter Software Management News (1983-1994), whose widely-trusted reports spanned the universe of installed software.

Giles Hoover, Osprey Design

Exterior and Ineterior Book Design

Giles Hoover worked in small-business and corporate graphic design for nearly fifteen years before discovering book design. Reknowned for breaking moving men with his book collection, he jumped into book design freelance—and hasn’t looked back. His book design weblog, Foreword, is currently visited by more than 5,000 readers daily, and his passion for books and book design continues unabated. Mr. Hoover is studying photography and, together with four cats, slowly refurbishing an old house in Macon, Georgia.

Woody Compton, Artist

Drawing of Robert L. Glass

Woody Compton is a cartoonist who likes to play drums and ride motorcycles. He lives near Gainesville, Florida and keeps odd hours. He is supported by his wife, 4 pet rats, and now a black cat. Woody draws all of the art for the comic strip Is This Tomorrow?.

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