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Book Cover of Software Conflict 2.0: The Art and Science of Software Engineering

Table of Contents

Foreword to the Second Edition (by Andrew Hunt)
Foreword to the First Edition (by Donald J. Reifer)
Preface to the First Edition
Preface to the Second Edition

An Overview Of The Battleground

Which Comes First, Theory or Practice?
"Dangerous and Misleading"—A Look at Software Research via the Parnas Papers
"No Silver Bullet"—A Look at Software Research via Fred Brooks
A Report from the Best and Brightest

From The Technical Trenches

Some Thoughts on Software Errors
An Experimental View of Software Error Removal
The Many Flavors of Testing
The Link Between Software Quality and Software Maintenance
Software Maintenance Is a Solution, Not a Problem
Single-Point Control
User-Friendly—Buzzword or Breakthrough?

The Latest In Weaponry

Reuse: Software Parts—Nostalgia and Déjà vu
Automatic Programming—A Cocktail Party Myth?
Some Thoughts on Prototyping
Standards and Enforcers: Do They Really Help Achieve Software Quality?
Recommended: A Minimum Standard Software Toolset
Just in CASE: A Look at Software's Latest "Breakthrough"
Looking at the Numbers; CASE and 4GLs: What's the Payoff?
What's Wrong with Compiler Writing?
High-Order Language: How High Is Up?
Should We Prepare for a 4GL Future?
What's Really Wrong with COBOL?

From The Command Post

Achieving Greatness in the Software World
A New Way of Looking at Software Productivity
Productivity and Theory G
Barry Boehm's "Theory W" Principle of Software Project Management
Software Productivity Improvement: Who's Doing What?
Software metrics: Of Lightning Rods and Built-Up Tension
Quality Measurement: Less Masquerading as More
Can You MANAGE Quality into a Software Product?
The Legend of the Bad Software Project
Would You Buy a Used Car from King Ludwig?
The Real Secrets of Consulting, by Nicholas Zvegintzov
A Look into the Past of the Futurist
User Support: There's More Here than Meets the Eye

From The Laboratories

Structured Research? (A Partly Tongue-in-Cheek Look)
The (Solved, Unsolved) Problem of Literature Searches
A Tiny Controversy: Some Pros and Cons on (of all things!) References
Technology Transfer
How About Next Year? A Look at a Study of Technology Maturation
Software Technology Transfer: A MultiFlawed Process (The Road to Productivity Is Full of Potholes)
A Mythology of Technology Transfer
Software Learning: A New Source of Information
An Open Letter to Computer Science Professors

A Postmortem Of The Battleground

How Can Computer Science truly Become a Science, and Software Engineering Truly Become Engineering?
My Trivial/Brilliant Concept Called "Problem Solving"
Software Failure: Why Does It Happen?
The Importance of the Application Domain Cluster
Can You Help Me Find It?
An Ode to the Software Young at Heart


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