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Book Cover of Software Creativity 2.0 by Robert L. Glass
Software Creativity 2.0
Foreword by Tom DeMarco
Atlantic Systems Guild
Co-Author of Peopleware and Waltzing With Bears
ISBN: 0977213315 Pages: 484
Cover Price: $34.95 U.S. / UK£20.99
Publication Date: November 27, 2006 
Publisher: developer.* Books

“This book is written from a powerfully felt, personal perspective: that software construction is primarily a problem-solving activity; that all problem-solving requires creativity; that software problem-solving is deeply complex, perhaps more deeply complex than any other activity; and that, therefore, software problem-solving requires the ultimate in creativity.”
—Robert L. Glass, from the Preface

In Software Creativity 2.0, acclaimed author Robert L. Glass explores a critical, yet strangely neglected, question: What is the role of creativity in software engineering and computer programming? With his trademark easy-to-read style and practical approach, backed by research and personal experience, Glass takes on a wide range of related angles and implications. To name only a few:

  • Are discipline and formality at odds with flexibility and agility?
  • When are control-driven vs. experimentation-driven approaches most effective?
  • Can we “make creativity happen” in a software organization?
  • Which is more important, process or product?
  • How do theory and practice interact in the software field? Can practitioners and academe complement each other more effectively?
  • Is there a missing link between creativity and software design?
  • What is the balance of “intellectual” and “clerical” tasks in software work?
  • Can we still find a place for plain old fun?

Software Creativity 2.0 also features a new Foreword by Tom DeMarco, co-author of Peopleware and Waltzing With Bears, and a new Preface by author Robert L. Glass.

Comments from Readers and Reviewers

“...long story short, I highly recommend this book.”
D. Dwyer, quoted from his reader review on

“Creativity is mentioned frequently in software discussions, usually with only a bare awareness of the factors that contribute to true creativity and usually with only the most superficial understanding of the role creativity should play in software development. These common references to creativity might be misguided, but they speak to an important truth: creativity is a topic of central importance to software development, and this seminal book provides a vivid explanation of how and why. ... The first edition of Software Creativity, published in 1995, has long hovered near the top of my personal Top 10 list. Software Creativity 2.0 is more polished, more readable, and benefits from Glass being 10 years older and wiser. Software Creativity speaks to issues as core to software development as Peopleware or The Mythical Man-Month, and does so just as articulately. Robert Glass has given the software world many gifts during his 50 year career in software development. This book stands above his other contributions as his magnum opus. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Steve McConnell, quoted from his reader review on

“I found this a very good read and one that I will ponder for some time.”
—Scott Brookhart, Austin, TX

“Since initially reading Software Creativity I've often wondered how it could possibly have gone out of print (as many of my coworkers can attest - they've all heard my rant on it's genius) and when, and if, it would ever come back. I'm so incredibly excited that it is being reprinted that I'm going to buy a few copies so that I can circulate them amongst my friends and give them the same incredible experience that I had the first, and still only, time I read this amazing book!”
Ben, San Francisco, CA

“It's essays like this that help me understand why the first edition of Software Creativity became a cult classic. ”
Pat Eyler, On Ruby Blog

Software Creativity 2.0
by Robert L. Glass

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“Then there is the real world. And that’s where Bob Glass is at his best. His exposition of Software Creativity is thoughtful, methodical, and persuasive. It is also very often creative, a demonstration in book invention of some of the very ideas he advocates for software invention. . . . It’s hard to find a company today whose management isn’t willing to give you a spiel about creativity and its huge importance. But that’s often the end of it. I hope this book will help creativity in our industry to move at least a little beyond lip service.”
Tom DeMarco, from his Foreword
“Over the years, in the software business, there have only been a handful of writers consistently worth listening to. Bob Glass is one of these rare individuals. If you care about your profession, listen to what he has to say.”
Gerald M. Weinberg
“He brings rare gifts to our profession: intelligence, knowledge, insight, a keenly critical eye, and a shining honesty...Robert L. Glass is a wise man in a field critically short of substance and long on hype.”
—Edmund Arranga
“The Mark Twain of the computer industry.”
—Doug King
“Bob's essays focus on the realities facing practitioners.”
Andrew Hunt, from his Foreword to Software Conflict 2.0
Facts About Bob Glass
A 50+ year veteran software practitioner and researcher
Author or editor of over 25 books and over 90 professional papers
Author of regular columns in IEEE Software and Communications of the ACM
A Fellow of the ACM professional society
Editor and publisher of The Software Practitioner newsletter.
Editor Emeritus of the Journal of Systems and Software
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