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Book Cover of Software Creativity 2.0 by Robert L. Glass
Software Creativity 2.0

Reviews and Mentions of Software Creativity 2.0

The links below point to various blogs and other web sites where Software Creativity 2.0 has been mentioned. Our deepest thanks go out to anyone who takes the time to check out the book and comment on it. If we're missing your coments here, please let us know.

This reference goes back to the first edition of Software Creativity, but this page on the Code Complete, Second Edition web site contains a reference to the books are recommended reading by Code Complete author Steve McConnell, who writes, "This book should have been a breakthrough book on software creativity the way that Peopleware was on software teams. Glass discusses creativity versus discipline, theory versus practice, heuristics versus methodology, process versus product, and many of the other dichotomies that define the software field. After years of discussing this book with programmers who work for me, I have concluded that the difficulty with the book is that it is a collection of essays edited by Glass, but not entirely written by him. For some readers, this gives the book an unfinished feel. Nonetheless, I still require every developer in my company to read it. The book is out of print and hard to find, but worth the effort if you are able to find it."

Well, the book is out of print no more! And better yet, the issue that McConnell cites from the first edition has been resolved in Software Conflict 2.0--except for a brand new guest essay by Dwayne Phillips, all of the material in the book was written by Mr. Glass. Software Conflict 2.0 has undergone signficant improvements over the first edition that Mr. McConnell liked so much. (You might check out the book's Amazon page to find out what Mr. McConnell thinks about the 2.0 incarnation.)

On Ruby blogger Pat Eyler has been kind enough to comment on our Software Creativity 2.0 announcement here and also blogged about his experience reading the book here. Pat also did a great interview with author Bob Glass. Thanks, Pat!

More to come soon!

Software Creativity 2.0
by Robert L. Glass

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