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Johanan Lancaon - About the Author

Johanan Lancaon is a software architect consultant living in Southern California. He has worked on projects in a variety of industries, including bioinformatics, e-commerce, finance/credit, and product development. He has been responsible for the architecture, development, and project management of high transaction software systems in the worlds of both J2EE and LAMP.

Johanan's interest include reading and exercising (yes, at the same time), reading and travelling (also at the same time), reading and eating (can't eat without a book in hand) and attempting to install a Linux box, Win XP laptop, and a Mac Mini in his car. Johanan hopes to someday replace his GPS system with this on-going experiment. While using a wrench to install these computers, Johanan generally does not read a book although he is thinking about purchasing audiobooks for times when he cannot hold the pages open.

Johanan can be reached at .

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