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Success/Failure Criteria: Some Surprises
At a breakfast seminar here June 6 on "Factors for IT Project Success and Failure," Prof. June Verner of NICTA provided a fascinating mix of surprises and predictables related to her subject topic. The findings came from NICTA’s study of 400 projects in the U.S., Australia, and Chile, using questionnaires and interviews to discuss success and failure factors with practitioners.
Shifting the Burden - Whose Monkey Is It?
A new installment in the developer.* Systems and Software series, exploring the connections between general systems thinking, cybernetics, and software development. Author Don Gray applies systems thinking principles--including "balancing loops," symptomatic and systemic solutions, and "shifting the burden"--to a recurring situation with one of his clients.
What Is A Professional Programmer?
So what does it mean to be a professional programmer? What does it mean to be a professional anything? Some definitions simply say to be a professional is "to make money from a skill," but true professionals also have a set of qualities often described as "professionalism." In my opinion, these qualities are...
Software Maintenance is a Solution, Not a Problem (An Excerpt from Software Conflict 2.0)
The traditional, problem-oriented view of maintenance says that our chief goal in maintenance should be to reduce costs. I think that's the wrong emphasis. If maintenance is a solution instead of a problem, we can quickly see that what we really want to do is more of it, not less of it. And the emphasis, when we do it, should be on maximizing effectiveness, and not on minimizing cost. An excerpt from Software Conflict 2.0.
Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of Great Management
One of the reasons good management is so hard to learn is that much of management takes place behind closed doors. We’re going to open those doors and allow you to see great management in action.
Software Team Turnover: Why Developers Leave (And What You Can Do About It)
Easily one of the biggest issues that causes developers to look elsewhere is probably the first issue which causes managers to cringe.
How Did This Happen?
Introduce yourself to the concepts of general systems thinking and learn a powerful problem solving tool called the causal loop diagram.
Crystal Clear: A Human-Powered Methodology for Small Teams
Cockburn's tolerance for extensibility and flexibility offers practitioners a foot-hold for transitioning toward agile practices.
Open Source Strategies for Software Developers
Typically, the developer finds management to be of two different mindsets when it comes to open source. They are either supportive because they believe it is an inexpensive solution, or they are not supportive because of the perceived risks associated with its use...
Personal Chemistry and the Healthy Body
I’m well acquainted with such people because I display all their qualities. What we share is an honest dedication to our work--so much dedication that we abuse our own bodies, if necessary, to get the work done.
Software Design and Programmers
How important are software design skills to a programmer? The traditional view is that programmers merely implement the designs of other people.
Leveraging Discontent
Too often, members of a team do not understand the power a non-appointed leader can have in influencing the direction of a team, or in initiating change.
Altar of Sacrifice
How many of us have, or will, sacrifice ourselves on the altar of someone else's software project?  I know I have.
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