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Systems and Software Article Series

Exploring the Connections Between Systems Thinking, Cybernetics, and Software Development

The following articles have been published in this series--with more hopefully to come. Following the list of developer.* articles is a list of further links and book recommendations if you wish to explore this topic further.

Shifting the Burden - Whose Monkey Is It?
A new installment in the developer.* Systems and Software series, exploring the connections between general systems thinking, cybernetics, and software development. Author Don Gray applies systems thinking principles--including "balancing loops," symptomatic and systemic solutions, and "shifting the burden"--to a recurring situation with one of his clients.
Places to Intervene in a System
Here we continue the developer.* Systems and Software series, in which we explore the topics of general systems thinking and cybernetics to discover how "systems" concepts can help software professionals in the day-to-day work of creating, deploying, and improving software.
The Diagram of Effects
Systems thinkers have developed the diagram of effects to bring the structure of complex problems into view.
How Did This Happen?
Introduce yourself to the concepts of general systems thinking and learn a powerful problem solving tool called the causal loop diagram.
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External Systems and Softare Links

Paul Pangaro's web site contains several interesting cybernetics-related readings, including this definition of cybernetics (in the form of a MacMillan encyclopedia entry) and the interesting and unique mini-book Notes on the Role of Leadership and Language in Regenerating Organizations.
The Wikipedia entry for systems thinking has some great information, including a nice collection of links to related systems topics.
This taxonomy at Wikipedia has links to a dizzying array of entries related to systems theory.

Recommended Systems and Software Books

General Principles of Systems Design, by Gerald Weinberg & Daniela Weinberg

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