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John Bennett, Jr.
John Bennett, Jr. is an accomplished Business Analyst with several years of experience at all levels of the IT field. John started his career as a programmer and successfully worked his way up to project manager, systems analyst, and business analyst positions. He is also the author of The Digital Umbrella: Technology's Attack on Personal Privacy in America (Brownwalker Press, 2004).
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Aaron Reed
Aaron Reed is an Assistant Professor at Northface University in South Jordan, Utah. He holds a BS in Computer Science from Weber State University. He has worked in the software development industry for 12 years in positions ranging from entry-level developer to vice-president of development at several companies.
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Edward G. Nilges
Edward G. Nilges, after thirty years as a software developer in which he debugged a Fortran compiler in object code and assisted the real-life protagonist of the film A Beautiful Mind at Princeton, is now a free programmer of open source and a teacher of computer science, English, and philosophy in Hong Kong. He lives on Lamma Island, off the big island, where on dune and headland sink the fire.
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Ken Pugh
Ken Pugh has worked on software and hardware projects for over thirty years, from requirements gathering through testing and maintenance. He has a wide variety of experience and has presented at numerous conferences seminars on software development processes, programming techniques, and system architecture. Ken has written four books on programming and operating systems.
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Mario Van Damme
Mario Van Damme is a software architect, working for quite a number of years in the medical industry, and prior to that in the insurance and banking industry. He can be contacted by e-mail at: mvandamme ~AT~ and ~AT~
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Sarah George
Sarah George lives in Melbourne, Australia, and holds an honors degree in Computer Science. She has had a range of programming-related jobs, including applied programming, teaching computer science practical and tutorial classes, and is currently working as part of an artificial intelligence research team at Monash University. Her web site, Developing Programmers .com, is aimed at programmers who want to become more professional about their craft.
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Scott Sehlhorst
Scott Sehlhorst has built nine years of software experience on a foundation of eight years as a mechanical engineer. He’s worked as a consultant, developer, and technical preseller. Scott also operates the Tyner Blain blog, and Tyner Blain LLC, which provides product management and process improvement services. Scott also maintains a bio page here.
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Steve Benz
Steve Benz owns Tall Tree Software company, which makes a documentation tool called DocJet. Steve also does consulting work in everything from web applications to high-availability solutions.
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Steven Kelly
Dr. Steven Kelly is the CTO of MetaCase. He has authored over 20 articles and co-authored the first grammar of the Kenyan Orma language. He has over ten years of experience building meta-CASE environments and acting as a consultant on their use in domain-specific modeling.
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Tim Kitchens
Tim Kitchens has over 10 years of experience in the software industry. He has served in roles as developer, architect, and project manager. His primary professional areas of interest and expertise are software architecture and implementing effective development processes.
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Melissa Bitner
Melissa Bitner is a software engineer at Humboldt Merchant Services. She can be reached at
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Kevin Cauble
Kevin Cauble is a Programmer/Analyst at a small liberal arts college in North Carolina. He has also been published in Software Maintenance News and The Software Practitioner. Kevin can be reached through the editorial staff of developer.*.
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Justin Daniels
Justin S. Daniels is a corporate and commercial real estate attorney who practices with the law firm Lamberth, Cifelli, Stokes & Stout, P.A. He can be contacted at 404-495-4463 or
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Donna Davis
Donna Davis is a database administrator, project manager, programmer, supervisor, and professional author living and working in the North Carolina, US.  She can be reached through the editorial staff of
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Esther Derby
Esther Derby is well known for her work helping teams grow to new levels of productivity and is recognized as one of the world's leaders in retrospective facilitation. Esther's articles have appeared in Better Software (formerly STQE), Software Development, and Cutter IT Journal.
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Robert L. Glass
Robert L. Glass held his first job in computing in 1954. Author of over 25 books, he is one of the true pioneers of the software field. He is the editor and publisher of The Software Practitioner, and also writes regular columns for Communications of the ACM and IEEE Software. In 1995 he was awarded an honorary Ph.D. from Linkoping University of Sweden, and in 1999 he was named a Fellow of the ACM professional society. His unique viewpoint and timeless writings have for decades offered insights to practitioners, managers, professors, entrepreneurs, researchers, and students alike.
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Donald E. Gray
For a quarter century, Donald E. Gray has worked in applied cybernetics, starting in machine and process automation and migrating to organizational systems and change. His major areas of interest are cognition, modeling, and understanding system change. His work focuses on integrating people, projects, and processes. He is a host for the Amplifying Your Effectiveness conference. Visit his website at
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Ian Joyce
Ian Joyce currently resides in Kansas City where he is a software developer for a large medical association. When he isn't writing software he's thinking of ways to write better software. Ian can be reached at
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Johanan Lancaon
Johanan Lancaon is a software architect consultant living in Southern California. He has worked on projects in a variety of industries, including bioinformatics, e-commerce, finance/credit, and product development. He has been responsible for the architecture, development, and project management of high transaction software systems in the worlds of both J2EE and LAMP.
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Craig McCrohon
Craig McCrohon is a partner in the international law firm of Holland & Knight. You may contact Craig through the Holland & Knight web site at
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Kelly Nehowig
Kelly Nehowig is President of Applied Logic Engineering, Inc., a Minneapolis-based consulting company specializing in software development products and services.  A 22-year veteran of the software industry, he has worked with companies from startups to large corporate clients.  He can be reached at
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Daniel Read
Daniel Read is editor and publisher of the developer.* web magazine. He lives in Atlanta, GA, where he works as a software architect and programmer. He is currently at work on about a million different things.
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Jack W. Reeves
Jack W. Reeves is a senior software developer with over 30 years experience in the industry. He has worked on systems ranging from simulators for the space shuttle, military command and control systems, air traffic control systems, medical imaging systems, financial data distribution systems, embedded systems, drivers, and utilities. He has exclusively been an OO developer for the last 15 years.
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Johanna Rothman
Johanna Rothman is a well-known consultant, speaker, and author on managing high-technology product development. Johanna has written over 100 articles and papers and is the author of the highly acclaimed Hiring the Best Knowledge Workers, Techies & Nerds.
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Andy Tegethoff
Andy Tegethoff is a father, husband, musician, and professional developer living and working in the Atlanta, Georgia area in the United States. He can be reached through the developer.* editor.
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Hugo Troche
Hugo Troche is a software engineer originally from Asuncion, Paraguay now living in Auburn, Alabama, USA. He earned his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Auburn University (Magna Cum Laude) in 2002 and finished his Master's degree in 2004. Hugo a software consultant and contractor specializing in web services and n-tier business systems. Hugo can be reached at .
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Gerald M. Weinberg
For more than 45 years, Jerry Weinberg has worked on transforming software organizations, particularly emphasizing the interaction of technical and human issues. After spending between 1956 and 1969 as software developer, researcher, teacher, and designer of software curricula at IBM, he and his anthropologist wife, Dani Weinberg, formed the consulting firm of Weinberg & Weinberg to help software engineering organizations manage the change process in a more fully human way. Jerry is author or co-author of several hundred articles and more than 30 books.
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