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Editor's Note - By Daniel Read - July 22, 2004

Things are picking up a bit here at  developer.*. Here we have a new article by attorney Craig McCrohon that demystifies a subject that eludes many developers and software companies: intellectual property. How important are patents and copyright when it comes to software? How can you avoid "patent overkill"? What are the hidden costs of owning a patent on your software? Read Craig's article to find out. Coming very soon, we will publish another IP article by Mr. McCrohon that describes the "Seven Sins of Software Sellers."

Also coming soon, we'll have another article by Hugo Troche, who's "Task Design Pattern" article appeared here last month. It's good to see some new articles coming in. If you have an idea for an article, book review, interview, convention report, etc., please get in touch.

Finally, I'd like to toot my own horn a bit and draw your attention to a new book that I co-authored with Adrian and Kathie Kingsley-Hughes--VBScript Programmer's Reference (Second Edition). The three of us worked on the original edition of this book in 1999, and it sold very well through 2004. This new edition has been updated and rewritten from start to finish. It's the best book out there, IMO, for anyone who works with (or would like to work with) VBScript for ASP web sites, network administration, and Windows scripting and task automation. Also, if you know anyone who is looking for an entry level programming book, this is a great place to start. The first 300 pages comprise a full "introduction to programming" using VBScript, and the remainder of the book gets deeper into more advanced topics for the many contexts and ways in which VBScript can be used. All you need is Windows and Notepad, and you're in business.

For anyone who is interested, I wrote about 300 pages of the book: Chapters 3 through 8, Chapter 18, and a couple of the appendices. And that's my smiling bald mug on the right.

Looking forward, I'm working on some new books about software design and craftsmanship that hopefully will have home with a publisher soon. U

All the best,