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Editor's Note - July 29, 2003

Welcome to developer.*, a new independent magazine devoted to software development and software development professionals. My name is Daniel Read, and I am the editor of developer.*. This modest site started out two years ago as a way to provide an outlet for my own writing. In that time, the readership of the site has grown to include developers, students, educators, and managers from around the globe.

Recently, however, I decided that the time was right to broaden the scope of the site to include the work of a variety of authors. The idea is to publish content that goes beyond the usual how-to articles, industry buzz, and press releases—high quality writing that presents real analysis and insight on topics of general interest to all software professionals, regardless of their chosen platforms and tools. I am honored to include in this debut issue new articles and book reviews by Danny Faught, Melissa Bitner, and Ian Joyce.

As time goes on, my hope is that you will return to developer.* to enjoy a steady stream of articles, essays, interviews, book reviews, letters from readers, and other content. If you feel inspired to contribute yourself, please do. We love to publish letters from readers, particularly when they expand on or offer a contrary viewpoint to something published here. Also, developer.* is actively seeking new authors. If you have an idea for an article, book review, interview, conference report, etc., then please get in touch. I can always be reached at

To keep up with the site, feel free to sign up for our announcements e-mail list—which is 100% private—or subscribe to our RSS feed. Here at the beginning, new content will be posted on the site as it comes in, but as things grow, we may go to a more periodic update schedule. Thanks for reading.