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Software Development and  Programming Resources Links, "The Software Developer's Knowledge Base"; a nice collection of articles and resources
A1VBCode, "The VB Source Code Site", a great collection of Java-oriented articles and blogs, VB and VB.NET source code, discussion, and downloads
CodeFixer, ASP and web development resources
devArticles a nice site that publishes articles on a variety of developer-oriented topics
DevX, the giant multi-technology site from Fawcette Publishing
Error Bank, a database of .NET errors, exceptions, and solutions, a very cool site that indexes publicly available web services, lets you try them out, and shows you the WSDL and the code
The Ganssle Group, "Perfecting the Art of Building Embedded Systems"
IBM's alphaWorks developer resource site for emerging technologies
IBM's developerWorks developer resource site
jGuru, an excellent Java portal, commentary for software developers from developer Joel Spolsky
JSP Insider, a great resource for Java Server Pages developers
LanceAdvance, find freelancing jobs and programming jobs from all the top freelancing sites at once.
The Open Directory Project, a great way to find a site you need on a certain subject--the sites are pre-filtered for you in a hierarchical directory
Programming Index - A directory of computer programming websites organized alphabetically by topic., a site for the Scottish development community
SearchVB, a Visual Basic directory
Software Copyright Resources, From
Software Patent Resources, From, "A Community for Software Engineers"
Standard I/O, articles, forums, and other free content
VBNet, an unmatched VB resource
Visual Builder, "community for multi-skilled developers", a very nice site devoted to the next generation of technologists

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