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Software Development Tools and Technologies Links

Links with a " * " next to them were added as a courtesy at the request of the link owner. I do not have any first-hand knowledge of the tools themselves.

SourceJammer, the 100% Java, open-source n-tier source control, file-sharing, and versioning system. This is a project run by my friend Rob MacGrogan. Highly recommended.
Aardvark Bug Tracking System from Red-Gate Software*
Bug Tracker Software, web-based bug tracking tool*
Borderwave Software, defect tracking and estimation tools*
BugAware, help desk and bug tracking software*
Bug/Defect Tracking Expert, web-based bug tracking tool from Applied Innovation Management*, web-based bug tracking software*
COM Add-in & Smart Tag Tool A visual RAD tool for developing COM add-ins and Smart Tags in C#, C++, Visual Basic and Delphi on .NET and VCL.*
GRAN PM, web-based project management software, including project management, bug tracking, QA, timesheets, etc. *
LiveSpecs Software, requirements and test tracking software*
Problem Tracker, Web-based collaboration software for bug tracking, change management, support, and help desk*
Seapine Software, SCM and QA tools* for Open Source projects or source code, or want to start a project of your own? This is the place.
TrackStudio, issue and defect tracking software*
UltraEdit, our favorite text editor.
Vertabase Pro Project Management Software, Web-based project management and collaboration software.*
Web Update Wizard* - a component that adds web server uploading to your application

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