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developer.* uses the RSS format to publish a list of the new content we add to the site on a regular basis.  RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndicaton" or "Rich Site Summary," depending on who you ask.  It's a great way to keep up with a variety of web sites and blogs without having to constantly check the sites for new content--if you are subscribed to a site's RSS "feed," then when that site has new content, you'll find out about it in your RSS "content aggregator," which is an application that keeps up with all of the RSS feeds to which you've subscribed and tells you when there is something new.

There are several RSS aggregators available, and we don't endorse any particular one of them.  However, this WikiPedia entry contains a list of available readers. For general information about RSS, we recommend this excellent resource on loadaverageZero.

This is the path of our RSS XML file:

The developer.* Blogs section of our site also features a variety of feeds. The main developer.* Blogs feed will contain all blog posts from a variety of authors that are promoted to the main blogs page. You can also find the RSS feeds for individual bloggers on this page. The best way to keep up with everything happening at developer.* is to subscribe to both the main developer.* feed (which contains all of the edited articles, interviews, and essays published in the Articles section of the site) and the developer.* Blogs feed. We hope to someday soon offer a unified feed that contains both the articles and the blogs.

If you have any comments or questions, please let us know.

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