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Donna Davis - About the Author

Born in Georgia and raised a Tarheel, Donna Davis codes with a southern drawl. Alternately wearing the hats of database administrator, project manager, programmer, and supervisor, she worked in the who-do-you-know broadcast business and the marble-and-fountain pharmaceutical industry, narrowly surviving a hostile takeover and merger. She currently serves time in the former morgue of an old county hospital, the edifice of local government. There her badge reads: 'Technical Services Director, MIS Department'.

Holding an MA in Technical and Professional Communication, she writes reams of dry technical documents, feature articles, book reviews, and is currently working on two books: The Parenteen Diaries: Raising Teenagers Without Losing Your Sense of Humor, and Wizard: Behind the Curtain of Technology. The former is slow-going because she keeps thinking a more appropriate subtitle would be Wallowing Around in Your Stagnant Gene Pool, but is not sure the market is ready for it. The latter is a scandalous exposé of the IT industry subculture – or a poignant glimpse at humanity behind The Machine – she hasn’t quite decided which.

Donna Davis can be reached via the editorial staff of developer.*.

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