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Kelly Nehowig - About the Author

Kelly Nehowig's professional background includes over 22 years experience in software development, both as a developer and as a manager of groups involved with all types of software development, including embedded systems, Windows applications and related driver / utility code, and Internet-based applications. Mr. Nehowig has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering from Minnesota State University - Mankato and a Master of Science degree in Software Engineering from the University of St. Thomas. He holds several U.S. and international patents in the areas of non-impact digital printing and related software designs. He is also a certified New Product Development Professional by the PDMA and has several articles related to technology development published in various on-line resource sites.

Mr. Nehowig is the founder of Applied Logic Engineering, Inc. ALE was started in 1984 as a part-time consulting business in the areas of embedded systems and associated software development. Over the years, additional capabilities have been added to ALE's range of services, including software business consulting, commercial software product development, and development team construction. Applied Logic Engineering was incorporated as a Minnesota corporation in 2003 and can be found at

With his diversified background in product development at several different company environments, coupled together with his overall understanding of software engineering in embedded systems and Windows platforms, Mr. Nehowig has helped identify new opportunities in several embedded systems projects and Windows development programs which have helped his client companies introduce exciting new products and services for their customers.

Kelly Nehowig can be reached at

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