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Sarah George - About the Author

Sarah George lives in Melbourne, Australia, and has had a life-long interest in computer programming.

She graduated with an honors degree in Computer Science and has had several programming-related jobs ranging from practical programming to running tutorials and practical classes, and is now working as a research assistant at Monash University, as part of an artificial intelligence research team.

Sarah had been programming for some time before having to work in a group, so her first job involving more than 20 programmers came as quite a shock. Since then she's learned a lot about professional programming and these days considers setting up groupware servers for the programming team and developing software that's not just user-proof but the-other-developers-proof to be just part of daily work.

Sarah's web site, Developing, is aimed at programmers who want to become more professional about their craft. It covers a wide range of topics relevant to developing programmers, including revision control, legal issues that surround programming, and working as part of a team.

When away from the computer, Sarah enjoys anime, geocaching, cycling, painting, and teaching.

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