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The Software Practitioner

Edited by Robert Glass

(Click here for more information about Robert Glass.)

The Software Practitioner is a bimonthly newsletter written by and for people who build software for a living. It is not written by journalists (who typically know too little about software) or theorists (who know too little about practice).

We publish material straight from the real world:

  • tested "best of practice" concepts,
  • lessons learned from real practitioners,
  • (often contrarian) views of the scalability of newer approaches like Agile and formal methods, PSP/TSP, CMMI, object orientation,
  • and more

You'll find the Software Practitioner a refreshing dose of honesty and reality in an all-too-often hype filled software world. Click here to read a free sample issue of The Software Practitioner (500K+ PDF file).

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Writings by Robert Glass

Read "The Cognitive View: A Different Look at Software Design" by Robert Glass.

Special Announcement: Software Conflict 2.0: The Art and Science of Software Engineering by Robert L. Glass, from developer.* Books!

Books by Robert L. Glass

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