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Book Cover of Software Conflict 2.0: The Art and Science of Software Engineering

How to Buy Software Conflict 2.0

We do our best to make our books as widely available as possible, but they are primarily available online. Targeting sales in brick-and-mortar bookstores on a large scale is not currently part of our publishing strategy. Knowing that some people like to pick up a book, check it out, and flip through it a bit, we also do our best to provide opportunities to find out about the book online, including descriptions, excerpts, stories from reviewers and readers, and the Table of Contents of the book (see navigation menu on the right side of this page). We also submit our books to Amazon's Search Inside program and Google Library.

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Are we missing any? .

Order Through Your Favorite Book Store

All developer.* books are available through our wholesaler, Ingram, and is thus available for special order from nearly any bookstore in the US or UK, including both big chain stores and small independent bookstores (and web-based independents too, like our friends at Ziesing Books). A customer service person at any book store should be able to order you a copy and have it for you within a few days. Some people prefer to shop this way because they like to support independent bookstores, or because they prefer not to shop on the internet, or because they're just in bookstores a lot (the coffee's good). You can ask for Software Conflict 2.0 by name or use the ISBN number: 0977213307.

Outside the US and UK

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Thank you for supporting independent publishing! Read more about Software Conflict 2.0.

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