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Daniel Read - About the Author

Daniel Read, editor and publisher of the developer.* web magazine, is a software developer/architect living and working in Atlanta, GA. Currently in his eleventh year as a developer, Daniel works full time as a software architect for Northridge Systems, Inc., a software consultancy in Atlanta, GA (please to find out how to hire Daniel through Northridge Systems). He has worked in a variety of capacities (though not always with the title to go with it), including programmer, designer/architect, consultant, team lead, technical writer, report developer, requirements analyst, QA engineer, installation designer and developer, database designer, EAI integration designer, business process consultant, project manager, trainer, sales support technician, and development and operations manager of shrinkwrap software development and consulting company.

Daniel enjoys experiencing and learning as much as possible about all aspects of software development, with a primary interest in the design and construction phases. His reading interests include methodologies of all kinds, design and design patterns, architecture, human factors, leadership, general systems thinking, and quality. His personal interests include spending time with friends, music, concert-going, movies, outdoor activities, book collecting, backpacking, and travel.

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Daniel can be reached at .

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