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Article Categories for Software Development, Engineering, Programming, and Related Topics

Profession and Career
Includes articles about career topics such as software professional resumes and job satisfaction, and also professional topics such as ethics, knowledge, and quality.
Software Design
Includes articles about the design of software, both in the small, at the code, class, and module level, but also in the large, at the system and enterprise level. Object oriented design is featured prominently. As well as more theoretical topics, such as the classic essay, "What is Software Design?".
Management, Process, & Methodology
Inlcudes articles about how to manage software teams, how to cope as a newly promoted manager, and how to "manage your manager." Also includes articles about software lifecyle, process, and methodology.
Software Development Technique
Incudes articles about programming, design, and testing technique, including topics such as usability and aesthetics.
Software Quality
Includes articles about software quality, including testing, usability, and design.
The Software Industry
Learn more about the software development industry, including topics such as offshoring, educaton, professional organizations, economics, and international software development.
Book Reviews
This category contains software engineering, development, and programming book reviews. (We are always looking for people interested in writing software development book reviews.)
Software Legal Issues
Articles about software intellectual property, coyright, and other software development legal issues.
The developer.* 'Systems and Software' Series
Articles exploring where systems thinking, cybernetics, and software development meet.
The developer.* Global Interview Series
Interviews with Software Developers from Around the World.
The *.ORG Interview Series
This series of articles features interviews with not-for-profit sofware related organizations, charities, and professional societies. (Contact the editor to have your organization interviewed.)
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